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Is the ideal base for exploring the Dachstein massif - a natural paradise. From Obertraun, take the Dachstein World Heritage Cable Car up to the fascinating Giant Ice Cave and the impressive Mammoth Cave You can also travel a little further up to the Krippenstein on the Dachstein plateau. This natural landscape is also testimony to three and a half thousand years of continuous cultural heritage. Salt is Hallstatt’s “white gold”. It has been extracted here since the middle of the Bronze Age, accounting for the local people’s erstwhile prosperity. Embark on an extraordinary tour of the history of the “Man in Salt” in the Salt Worlds of Hallstatt. Grave relics dating from what archaeologists refer to as the “Hallstatt Age” testify to the wealth of the earliest salt miners. Priceless finds are on display in the Cultural Heritage Museum. Characteristic of this region are also the charming small houses with their typical wooden verandas, the vigour of the local folklore and the ebullient mentality of the people who live here.

Winter Time

You love skiing, snowboarding, carving or freestyle skiing. Then, Dachstein Salzkammergut is the right place for you. In this region you will find conditions that make your heart beat faster.

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Sights of this World Heritage region

In 1997, Hallstatt was listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. This culturally historic region is now known as the Dachstein Salzkammergut-region. Amongst Hallstatt's numerous "treasures" are the World Cultural Heritage Museum, the archeological excavations, the catholic church with its mountain grave yard and "Charnel House".

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There is also plenty to see in the nearby surroundings of the Dachstein Salzkammergut region. A trip to the city of Mozart, Salzburg city, will round off your winter holidays or summer holidays in Austria.

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Active holiday

Take a tour by E-Bike around Lake Hallstatt and see the area from a new perspective. The bikes give you extra power and ease the strain on your joints.

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World Heritage

Since living memory it was the salt which provided the wealth for the Inner Salzkammergut. The salt is the basis for the typical ancient customs and interesting cultural peculiarities.

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MOM - Memory of Mankind in Hallstatt

The knowledge of our time, our everyday life and our culture in a unique archive. Do you just want to leave your tombstone? If you do not take part, will never have existed!

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© Martin Kunze-Kitzler MOM Memory of Mankind Salzfertigergasse 3, 4810 Gmunden

Program for bad weather

Day trips to the surrounding area of Dachstein Salzkammergut are a fantastic alternative to the various sports activities at the holiday region. There are marvellous opportunities for bad weather programmes in Hallstatt, Gosau, Bad Goisern and Obertraun.

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Family events

The Nature and Mountain Adventure World at the Dachstein-Krippenstein-area offers many exciting adventures with plenty of things to explore and lots of exercise. And the kids will not be the only ones standing in awe at the Adventure World of Koppenbrüller Cave.

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Pictures say more than words … Discover our wonderful and liveable Dachstein Salzkammergut region and browse through more than 2,000 pictures, snapshots and panoramic views of sights, events, and much more.

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The region around Lake Hallstatt

Nowhere else will you experience so much natural variety and breadth of experience. With numerous crystal clear lakes and breath-taking mountain scenery, this "Hallstatt - Dachstein/Salzkammergut" region of outstanding natural beauty welcomes visitors time and time again.

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The history of Obertraun

Obertraun is the smallest of the 4 World Heritage communities in the Inner Salzkammergut and is situated to the south east of Lake Hallstatt, During the Middle Ages, it was mainly wood cutters and lumberjacks who lived here, as a lot of wood was needed to build the “Sudhaus” (brewhouse) in Hallstatt. The River Traun and Lake Hallstatt were a means of transporting the wood. Several names such as “Wood cutters’ wall” and “Lumberjack hole” would indicate this. Obertraun is the smallest of the 4 World Heritage communities in the Inner Salzkammergut and is situated to the south east of Lake Hallstatt. During the Middle Ages, it was mainly wood cutters and lumberjacks who lived here, as a lot of wood was needed to build the “Sudhaus” (brewhouse) in Hallstatt. The River Traun and Lake Hallstatt were a means of transporting the wood. Several names such as “Wood cutters’ wall” and “Lumberjack hole” would indicate this.

Obertraun developed further as a scattered settlement, and the main employment of the locals was salt mining or small scale agriculture. Obertraun nestles in the valley carved out by the River Traun, surrounded by high mountains on the shore of Lake Hallstatt, and at the foot of the Dachstein. The Krippenstein is the most imposing feature of the landscape, standing 2100 metres tall and watching over the valley. The Dachstein Giant Ice Cave, the Mammoth Cave and the Koppenbrüller Cave were discovered in 1910, and the first section of the Dachstein Krippenstein cable car was installed to transport visitors up to these natural monuments. There followed an influx of visitors to Obertraun. The Krippenstein became a well-known and popular destination for skiers with an 11 km long run. The Krippenstein also became increasingly popular with walkers and hikers. The year 1954 became associated with the “Heilbronn Dachstein Tragedy” in which 10 pupils and 3 teachers from Heilbronn lost their lives on the Krippenstein. In memory of those who died, the “Heilbronn Circular Hiking Trail” and the “Heilbronn Chapel” were established, and there continues to be a strong connection between the people of Obertraun and Heilbronn today.

Videos from the World Heritage

Videos of the UNESCO World Heritage region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut. A journey through all the seasons in moving pictures. Ideal to get you into the mood for your holiday on Lake Hallstatt.

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The most recent developments on the Krippenstein are the World Heritage Spiral and the 5-Fingers – a viewing platform which affords wonderful views across the southern part of the Salzkammergut. Obertraun has just 760 inhabitants, but is nonetheless a very lively community. Culture and music are much loved by local people who continue to uphold these traditions. Concerts, brass band music, a mountain pasture fest and lots more are firm social fixtures each year. There is a delightful walking trail which begins in the valley. It leads to the lake and runs parallel with the steep slopes of the Sarstein. The trail leads to the Koppenwinkel Nature Preservation Area. Here there is an area of tranquil meadow land (the “Koppenwinkelalm”) and the “Koppenwinkelsee” is a beautiful little lake. A visit here is said to bring good fortune.

We then follow the River Traun back to Lake Hallstatt, where there is a lovely, natural lakeside bathing area. Along the eastern shore of the lake there is a trail which leads to Steeg, and this can be completed, comfortably, in three hours. Cyclists following the Salzkammergut Cycle Route ride from Bad Goisern along the lake to Obertraun, and then via the Koppenwinkel through the Koppental valley before reaching Bad Aussee. Obertraun offers a variety of sports activities regardless of the season. The area is perfect for nature lovers and those seeking rest and relaxation too. Local people and visitors all feel a sense of peace and tranquillity. The very first inhabitants of the area sensed this too and named Obertraun “Traundörfl” (“Little Traun Village”).

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