Bike Arena in Obertraun

The Trail is the Adventure

Located in the UNESCO World Heritage region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut, with it's more than 1,500 km of designated mountain bike trails, the National Sports and Recreation Centre in Obertraun offers mountain bikers a special facilty with it's Bike Arena. In the immediate vicinity of an infrastructure tailored for athletes and sports enthusiasts, is a cross country track of international caliber which is available for amateurs and professionals throughout the year. Whether as a day trip, technique training or international competition; this sports venue, which is unique in Austria and Central Europe, offers technically challenging and demanding sections for all active athletes. - True to the motto: The Trail is the Adventure.

Bike Arena in Obertraun on Lake Hallstatt in Austria

More information about the Bike Arena in Obertraun

(E-) Attention mountain bikers! Obertraun in the Salzkammergut is home to the international cross-country hotspot: the Bike Arena by Austrian Sports Resorts BSFZ Obertraun. A challenge for professionals and ideal for MTB beginners for basic training. In the Bike Arena you will experience pure mountain biking fun with everything a mountain biker could wish for.

E-Bike Arena by Austrian Sports Resorts BSFZ Obertraun

In the Bike Arena you are very welcome with your e-bikes. If you want to ride your e-fully or e-enduro in a species-appropriate way, the Bike Arena has everything together in a nice and compact way. The approximately 5-hectare area is home to the finest cross-country and downhill sections mixed with flow trail lines. You will also find natural root passages in the amusement park for riding technique enthusiasts. With the e-bike, the uphill flow is not neglected even on the approximately 300 hm. Feeders, jumps, steps also test your riding technique uphill. So every meter in the (E-)Bike Arena by Austrian Sports Resorts BSFZ Obertraun is a lot of fun, whether uphill or downhill.

Mountain bike fun on 5.6 kilometres

Over hill and dale, the 5.6 km long circuit, which is peppered with varied sections such as Rock Gardens, goes over hill and dale. The bike arena is located in a 5-hectare area of the Austrian Federal Forests between the Krippensteinbahn valley station and the Gjaidbahn valley station. Hobby bikers will find a challenging and great route in the Bike Park to improve their riding technique and test new limits in secured terrain. For the professional in cross country, the new track means a training opportunity at the top international level that is second to none. International events such as European Championships/World Championships are already planned for the coming years. Already in the spring and autumn of 2015, the facility was found to be top by professionals and up-and-coming talents at the Dachstein-Salzkammergut Spring Bike and World Championship Revenge Races Autumn Ride race weekends!

Hard Facts

Disziplin: MTB Cross Country
Distance: 5.6 km
Difference in altitude: 300 m
Area: 5 ha mixed forest (property ÖBF)
Construction time: 7 months (completion July 2014)
Special: 1,000 m2 pump track directly in the BSFZ Obertraun area
Construction costs: € 250,000

Use as an international training and competition track.
Attractive location also for corporate events such as product presentations.
Enrichment of leisure activities in the region for tourists and day visitors
Also passable with the e-bike (fully, enduro)!

Pump track as a great addon

As the icing on the cake, there is a 1000m² pump track on the grounds of the Austrian Sports Resort BSFZ Obertraun, where young and old alike can let off steam. A pump track is ridden without pedaling. In the case of waves, the body is first pushed down and just before the highest point it is pushed up again to build up speed. Once you've mastered the technique, no one wants to get off the 239 m long track. All in all, the Bike Arena by Austrian Sports Resorts BSFZ Obertraun offers a complete fun package for mountain bikers that is second to none.

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E-Biking around Lake Hallstatt

E-Biken im Salzkammergut | © Kraft

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