Koppental Cycle Path - Between Obertraun and Bad Aussee

Starting point of the Salzkammergut Cycle Path

With a total length of almost 8 kilometres, the cycle connection through the Koppental represents the beginning of the Salzkammergut Cycle Path. Starting from Bad Aussee and Obertraun, the entire Salzkammergut can be "cycled".

Biking through the wilderness

With a total length of almost 8 kilometres, the cycle connection through the Koppental represents the beginning of the Salzkammergut Cycle Path. Starting from Bad Aussee and Obertraun, the entire Salzkammergut can be "cycled".

Cycling pleasure through the Koppental

The family-friendly bike tour along the Koppentraun between Styria and Upper Austria not only connects two extremely active Austrian provinces, but is also one of the most beautiful bike tours in the Salzkammergut.

It starts in Obertraun

From the stop "Obertraun Koppenbrüllerhöhle" (or station "Obertraun Dachsteinhöhlen") or the PArkplatz on the Koppentraun at the "Gasthof Koppenrast" we take the train - bike in our luggage - to Bad Aussee. From there, the route first follows the main road of the Koppen Pass. After a short climb, you will reach the R-19 cycle path. The well-developed path, flanked by Sarstein and Koppenpass, leads us downhill again, always above the Traun.

The following section of the trail is actually the most wildly romantic part of this path, which has now been laid out next to the roaring Traun along the old railway line. In 1897, this railway line was completely washed away by the flood and then moved much higher. Through the old railway tunnel, which was the only object to defy these masses of water, we come to the grandiose suspension bridge over the Traun. On the left side of the river, on the right side the railway line of the Salzkammergut railway, after about one kilometer we reach the starting point of our tour, the train station "Obertraun Koppenbrüllerhöhle".

If you want to extend this leisurely bike tour into a day tour, you can continue on the well-known Lake Hallstatt East Shore Hiking Trail along Lake Hallstatt to Steeg a. Lake Hallstatt for about 13 kilometers. Of course, you can also enjoy the Koppental Cycle Path, a section of the Salzkammergut Cycle Path, in the opposite direction. Whatever you decide, we wish you a carefree holiday in the Salzkammergut.

Note for all bikers: The Koppental hiking trail and the cycle path through the Koppental only share a section of the path. Cycling on the pure hiking section is not permitted. We ask for your understanding!

Pedal pushers conquer the World Heritage

The UNESCO World Heritage region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut, between the fjord-like Lake Hallstatt and the enchanting Lake Gosau, at the foot of the mighty Dachstein glacier, offers many opportunities for cyclists. In addition there are numerous e-bike trails available in the region. For e-bikes is the new trend within the bicycle market. For hundreds of thousands they are the new alternative to the car, whilst for others they are an excellent way to enjoy and explore the more mountainous regions. A big hit is the ‘Ostuferradwanderweg ‘ (east bank trail), which leads from the idyllic UNESCO World Heritage town of Hallstatt to Obertraun and then on to Bad Goisern. The return trip to Hallstatt can be accomplished with the pleasure boat "Goisern II" from Steeg. The e-bike trails in the holiday region of Dachstein Salzkammergut are perfectly aligned with the target audience of leisure cyclists. Numerous rental and battery exchange stations will guarantee an unforgettable cycling holiday between mountains and lakes.

Other offers and around the Koppental

Koppenwinkel lake in Obertraun

© Kraft | Glücksplätze in Obertraun: Koppenwinkelsee / Koppenlacke im Naturschutzgebiet Koppenwinkel


Restaurant0 "Koppenrast" in Obertraun

© Koppenrast |  Gasthaus Koppenrast in Obertraun

Events in the Koppental

Sun, Jul. 21, 2024 Koppenbrüller cave (Koppenbrüllerhöhle), Obertraun

Sun, Sep. 1, 2024 11:00 Koppenwinkelalm, Obertraun

Your accommodation for your perfect mountain bike holiday in the Salzkammergut

Hotels and accommodation providers in Hallstatt, Bad Goisern, Gosau and Obertraun offer the ideal room or apartment for your holidays, no matter what your tastes. Aside from establishments rated according to the international "star" scale, you will also find around Lake Hallstatt in Austria businesses that have been awarded two to four "edelweiss". The more flowers, the greater comforts you can expect. Whether you eventually find your cozy nest in an elegant 5-star luxury hotel, at comfortable guesthouse, a family-friendly apartment, or on a traditional farm, the choice is always entirely up to you.