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The Ausseerland

On the sixth day God was in a somewhat mischievous mood and, apart from creating all the normal human beings, he also created the prototypes of artists and those in the tourist industry. Unobserved by God, these conspired to lay out the Ausseerland region. God looked at this, finding it almost too beautiful in comparison with the rest of the world. But his day of rest was approaching and he let it be. So today we, too, can take pleasure in some amazingly beautiful countryside. The lakes at Grundlsee, Altaussee and Ödensee each discharge into a river called the Traun, which all meet in the gentle hollow of Bad Aussee.

Daffodils Vital Resort Bad Aussee – Solebad & Suitenhotel

Mountain of treasures

Spa at Bad Mitterndorf

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Regional Museum in Bad Aussee

High Rope Course Loser Altaussee

Hochseilgarten in Altaussee

Lake Altaussee

Sehenswürdigkeiten im Ausseerland: Der Altaussee See bei einem Urlaub im Steirischen Salzkammergut. Wandern. Baden. Schifffahrt.

BergeSeen Trail Stage 14


Wed, Mar. 6, 2024 17:00 Altaussee salt mine, Lichtersberg 25 Altaussee

Sat, Mar. 23, 2024 09:00 — 15:00 Altaussee salt mine, Lichtersberg 25 Altaussee

Sat, Jun. 29, 2024 09:00 — 16:00 Altaussee salt mine, Lichtersberg 25 Altaussee

Wed, Jul. 3, 2024 17:00 Altaussee salt mine, Lichtersberg 25 Altaussee

Wed, Dec. 25, 2024 17:00 Altaussee salt mine, Lichtersberg 25 Altaussee

Hand in Hand: Culture and Sport

Thanks to its rich history and tradition, the UNESCO World Heritage region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut offers a wide range of cultural and sports activities: Each year cycling enthusiasts from all over Europe are attracted to Bad Goisern on Lake Hallstatt, at the start of July for Salzkammergut Mountainbike Trophy, whereas the fans of tradition and customs eagerly await the "Gamsjagatagen" (Chamois Hunting Days) in August. But also the small traditional events and religious festivals such as the ceremonial procession of Corpus Christi or the incomparable World Heritage Advent in December have your very own personal charm and are among the most popular cultural events with guests from all over the world. Spend an exciting holiday among mountains and lakes with events and culture along with a lot of nature in the holiday region of Dachstein Salzkammergut. We look forward to your visit!

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