Witness of the past

Stone and fossil grinding/exhibition in Gosau

This attraction is situated close to the evangelical church where there is parking available. The Gapp Family have worked in Gosau for several generations as marble and stone grinders (the only business in the whole of Austria). Fossilised creatures up to about one million years old are found in river beds and certain rock faces around Gosau, and are cut and polished and turned into paperweights or ash trays by the Gapp family.

Visitors can also visit the exhibition of rare stones, fossils, objects they have lovingly and carefully made from their prehistoric "finds" and lots more. The exhibition is not only of geological interest. There is something there for everyone! Open daily. Admission is free.

Bad Weather Alternatives

Even if the sun decides to take a break or the weather god is in a bad mood, there’s no reason that your holiday plans should fall through. The many attractive free-time activities of the UNESCO World Heritage Region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut ensure a diverse program even on rainy days. Experience our ancient mining tunnels and mystical caves, grand spa facilities, interesting exhibitions and historical churches. There’s an event no matter the weather! Even on ‘dreary days’, a holiday on Lake Hallstatt is always bright!


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